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Our view of a year is often most transparent as it stretches behind us. With hope, we may see less significant details fade and the larger picture more clearly.

The festive season gifts us an opportunity to restore, reflect and rejoice. And if you needed to be told — you deserve it.
Creating with care will always be at the root of everything we do, from material to shape to this very note.

In this spirit, we would like to highlight our community for inspiring us to do so. So giving thanks can begin no further than here with all of you — we appreciate you beyond words, shapes and colours.

More than a shared affinity for conscious living and sacred objects, for being a part of our community. For finding kinship in thoughtful design and allowing our work to co-inhabit with your spaces. In a time with no shortage of estrangement, togetherness is the antidote.

Our intention has always been to harness human creativity and artisanal skill and offer original designs to like-minded individuals.

We realise none of this would be possible without the ultimate gift-giver, Mother Nature. That is why Lightly plants a tree for each order and why we strive forward toward carbon neutrality. We are expected to reach this goal by 2023, and we have significantly reduced its carbon emissions by purchasing 40 tonnes of offsets in the Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor this month.

This is us signing off for the year.
We hope you are signing off too.
Find some joy; fill up your cups.

With love,