True Beauty. It's simple. It's modern Folklore.

We are thrilled to release the 'Goblet' in brushed aluminium and select limited edition colours.

This iconic silhouette began as a sketch of 2018 planted by mid-century architecture. What is now a Lightly classic was first a lasting visual memory for our founder.

Holding Brâncuși and pioneers of modernism in reverence, the Goblet is as versatile as it is striking, functioning as a side table or stool.

A visual expression of pure beauty and its raw components: order, simplicity, harmony.

Our modernist totem form is frequently imitated but never matched.

Simplicity is embraced for the sake of meaning.

'The Goblet is an ancient symbol for our modern times.'

The Goblet is an ancient symbol for our modern times.

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True Beauty. It’s simple. It’s modern Folklore.

True Beauty. It's Simple. It's modern Folklore.