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Melbourne Design Week – NGV

Embodied Objects
Lightly invites you to join in reflecting on thoughtful design, physical environments, and the acutely human experience fostered in the combination of the two. 'The intimacy of the inanimate.'
May 22 - 28

Evoking all senses Lightly will underline design's opportunity to enrich the everyday, foster connection, and become an inexplicable kind of life force.

A limited-edition collection of works in raw aluminium and steel works waits to be discovered in an ethereal garden-like installation.

Calling on ancient Eastern ideas of "Qi" (energy) and the historically enduring concept of "Material Folklore" to underline the connectivity of humans and their spaces. Images, light, and sound will accompany the space, emphasising the effect of these inspirations on our collective experience of shared environments.

Exhibiting the 'Embodied Objects' collection for the first time, Lightly declares its commitment to exploring how objects evolve into the human spirit, precious, often unspeakable, significance imbued through use. It is a testament to the enduring power of design and craftsmanship.

Come, see and feel.

May 22 — 27th 10 — 5 pm
May 28 10 — 4 pm