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Material and tactility are crucial to the design process at Lightly. So, this week we are thrilled to launch the beginnings of our RAW series.

Our vessels are spun mild steel with nickel plating. Nickel does not rust under normal environmental conditions. However, nickel can corrode if exposed to certain acids or high temperatures over extended periods, so the item will age gracefully outdoors.

Design for tomorrow. Craft with intention. Consider the impact.

Metal is a medium we have worked with notably in the last few years. My brother taught me to weld at a very young age. We enjoyed finding scrap metal from discarded machines to make something on weekends. My first studio at 19 was in a scrap metal yard in the Swan Valley, WA.

Our design philosophy is centred on resourceful and sustainable manufacturing. Everything we make is created with intention and care, designed to be purposeful and produced with tomorrow in mind.