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Living Purposefully

Since the beginning, Lightly has operated with respect for our environment, community and local industries.

In partnership with our makers, we work to make each step of every piece as sustainable as possible. We constantly question how we can innovate, reinvent industry practice and further reduce our impact.

Our design philosophy is centred on resourceful and sustainable manufacturing. Everything we make is created with intention and care, designed to be purposeful and produced with tomorrow in mind.

We believe living purposefully begins with respect and gratitude for nature.

Having studied botanical medicine and permaculture at 19 and growing up on a farm in Western Australia, we learnt to create something from nature with imagination. This journey and passion continue today.

Utilitarian design, functionality, and resourcefulness have always been a natural part of our approach.

Our commitments.

We plant one tree for every online order.
We offset our carbon emissions.
We celebrate diversity, inclusion and equality.

Since we started our partnership with Carbon Neutral's Plant-a-Tree Conservation Program in 2020, you've helped us plant over 1,500 trees and reduce our carbon emissions yearly through investments in offsets in the Yarra Biodiversity Corridor.

We offset our carbon emissions through investments in wind, solar and replanting forests.
In 2023 we further reduced our carbon emissions by purchasing 40 tonnes of offsets in the Yarra Biodiversity Corridor.

We celebrate diversity, inclusion and equality through opportunity and collaboration.
Our consideration as a company has been supporting and nurturing the people we work with, from our first production in Australia in 2005 and now with local artisans on handcrafted pieces in India through to our close relationships with our local community of makers and suppliers in Australia.

Thank you for making considered purchases that put us all on a path towards a better, more sustainable future!