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A story about Materials 02

Objects entwined to the human mind and spirit. From its inception seven years ago, the Lightly’ Brass Collection’ was always first and foremost about one thing — beauty. Made in partnership with our long-time collaborators and bespoke makers. Each piece is solid Brass and made by hand.

Designed to invoke a pause, pops of opulence to cherish and enjoy. Enrich your day-to-day through considered design and precious materiality. With this, we welcome a shift from things we own to things we treasure.

Each Brass piece is an invitation to go inward, give outward.


Symbolising vitality and beauty, Brass underlines the sacredness of our spaces, our homes and every precious moment that takes place inside one’s four walls. A shining reminder that life is for living and beauty is in everything. Find it in the special company, beloved pieces and all the various moments in between.