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Herbaceous with Heart
A warm, herbaceous soy candle.
Herbaceous, with a soft floral aroma with sweet woody undertones.
It is balancing, relaxing and comforting.

Top: Herbaceous lightheartedness, spontaneity, and joy.
Middle: Love and Heart opening, softening, healing to the soul.
Bottom: Grounding, comforting and anchoring.

Soy with pure aromatherapy essential oils.

A new signature candle made from Aromatherapy essential oils in South Fremantle. An exclusive smell curated by our director, who originally studied herbal medicine.

Hand made and hand poured. Small batch crafted
260g sandstone candle containing natural soy wax and pure essential oils
Up to 45 hours of burn time
The sandstone vessel is luxurious, durable and recyclable.

Fantastic Australian designs with a beautiful aesthetic, great price and friendly service. Thoroughly recommend Lightly!