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Design for tomorrow.
Craft with intention.
Consider the impact.


The Arc.

The Arc raw aluminium anchors the senses, becoming quietly significant in your day-to-day.

An object becomes embodied through use and adoration, transcending its 'intended function' to become something else entirely. A gateway between our interior and exterior lives. The Arc is a side table, plinth, and sideboard and originated as something else entirely. Created in 2018 for a Lightly photoshoot, the push and play of hands reframed a functional prop into an object of significance.

Arc Aluminium

Embodied Objects.

Lightly invites you to join in reflecting on thoughtful design, physical environments, and the acutely human experience fostered in the combination of the two. 'The intimacy of the inanimate.'

In focus

Kinship is at the heart of Lightly. Since 2005, we’ve been growing a community of like-minded people who value timeless design, artisanal skill and considered living.

We’re an Australian-based, globally-shipping studio and store. We balance design, functionality, colour, form, ethical production and boundless creativity.


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