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With winter settling in, Lightly’s carefully curated wellbeing range is the perfect antidote to the mid-year blues. Our Bathe collection offers a multitude of ways to nurture your body and mind to create a warming sanctuary for the home.

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Our love of resourcefulness and respect for Australian wool lead us to the oldest weaving mill in Australia, which retains all of its production offcuts for future use. Using these offcuts to make blankets, we incorporated a closed loop system that uses the blankets for re-manufacture at the end of their life.

The blankets are 70% recycled Australian merino wool and a 30% blend of polyester and recycled alpaca, mohair and cotton – cosy enough for indoors and durable enough for outdoors. Also the best YIN yoga friend.

For every ten blankets sold, Seljak Brand donates one to the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre in Victoria. Our grandparents were refugees from Slovenia and we want to support asylum seekers making a new home in Australia. Shop the collection.

haymes paint x lightly2

Beautiful images from the recent Haymes Paint Colour Forecast 2017, featuring Lightly vessels, lighting and furniture.
You will notice many of our current collections feature as the colours of 2017 to watch out for as we worked with stylist Ruth Welsby for colour trends Volume 8. Photographer Martina Gemmola.

A curated selection of ideas  with gift wrapping in store and online.

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new from Lightly loves

Lightly Loves is a curated collection launched in 2013 of gorgeous homewares and lighting chosen to complement our own acclaimed designs. Sourced by our creative director Cindy-Lee, from Melbourne and around the globe.

Bell light designed by Andreas Lund and Jacob Rudbeck fits beautifully in most environments. Hang a mix of sizes in a cluster, and achieve a dramatic visual effect, or use one large Bell over the dinner table for visual impact. We LOVE the new sand finish!

Lightly x Haymes paint

Beautiful images from the recent Haymes Paint Colour Forecast 2017, featuring Lightly vessels, lighting and furniture.
You will notice many of our current collections feature as the colours of 2017 to watch out for as we worked with stylist Ruth Welsby for colour trends Volume 8. Photographer Martina Gemmola.


Horticulturist Thomas Denning knows a thing or two about plants. A Lightly favourite for our green guide!

We welcome the new year with Thomas giving us his tips for looking after your indoor plants.

L I G H T / P O S I T I O N

As the sun is setting higher in the sky during the warmer months it’s important to factor this into where your plants are located for best growth and exposure to the light.

• Rotate your plants around the space according to their lighting requirements, with better light availability I find that this can open up places that were not suitable for them during the cooler months.

• Too much direct sunlight in the warmer months can scold the leaves of some tropical species so pay attention to what parts of the house get the most direct sunlight and set the plants back a bit if needed.

• Try to keep your plants about 1-1.5m away from any air conditioning systems, as this can alter the environmental conditions too drastically for the plant.


While the weather is warmer it’s important to increase how often you water your indoor plants. The higher temperatures means water content in the soil will evaporate faster and the relative humidity will be lower.

My general rule of thumb for watering is once a week in summer and once a fortnight in winter, but many factors play into this, for example; species of the plant; aspect of the house; heating/cooling systems, soil structure and what the plant is potted in. So it’s important to pay attention to each of your plants and gauge what they need individually.

• Ensure you check the moisture content of the soil before watering again: I use my finger to check the topsoil but you can also use a wooden skewer. The topsoil should be dry before watering again for most tropical species but ferns and a few other species require constant moisture in the soil.

• Don’t leave excess water sitting at the base of the plant as this can cause rot and fungal issues. Let the plant drain completely in the sink or empty the excess water from the vessel. This also applies if you are using a Lightly vessel without holes.


Spring and Summer are usually the main periods of growth for most indoor plants and therefore require an extra little boost to maximise growth and the health of the plant.

I like to use a liquid fertiliser for most of my plants rather than a slow release fertiliser as it gives more control with how much and how often you feed the plants.
Generally I find a seaweed based fertiliser or a product with a good spectrum of nutrients does the job well and it’s good to feed them every 2-3 weeks during the growing season.

Office Accessories

The collection of curious office accessories such as cast paperweights, card-holders, scissors and other spirited pieces explore geometric shapes influenced by Bauhaus Ballet.


After the series of successful collections utilising new forms in metals and stone, Lightly continues the brand’s well-known exploration of metallics with new designs in brass, silver and copper.

The collection of curious office accessories such as cast paperweights, card-holders, scissors and other spirited pieces explore geometric shapes influenced by Bauhaus Ballet.

The new pieces bring a trademark lighthearted playfulness to utilitarian objects and shapes.


A creative utilitarian resourcefulness and a love for storytelling is why Lightly director and designer Cindy-Lee Davies makes things.

Growing up on a farm learning post-war resourcefulness from her paternal Grandmother, Davies has been creating something from nothing by exploring materials for as long as she can remember. Slow design is in her blood.

For Davies, design is about being curious and lighthearted-‘the more limited the brief the better.’

During the GFC (global financial crisis) 2008, with resourcefulness front of mind, Davies was flying home from a Japanese design show when she gave herself a brief to make a product with a recycled material.

She decided to recycle saucers from op shops to create wall décor of a butterfly designed to be hung like a trophy. Choosing a discarded saucer (that has lost its cup) for its natural curves and delicate bone china nature, Davies reflected the natural cycle of metamorphosis. Chrysalis

Since 2008, we have recycled over 18,000 saucers, and the series developed into a collaboration with retail giant Anthropologie and with Sketch London at the Royal Academy in 2012.

The latest collection from Lightly reflects this inherent resourcefulness and utilitarian sensibility, bringing curiosity and lightheartedness to everyday objects for the home.

Timeless whites

Our curiosity and desire to innovate takes us to far-flung locations and allows us to work with some of the best artisan makers around the globe.

Today we explore the timeless nature of white and brass. With sustainable production some of our classics sell out, so grab one before they are gone! Shop here.

To celebrate the new collection, director and designer Cindy-Lee Davies has pulled together her tips for summer entertaining, to bring you and your guests together for a relaxed meal in the garden or the dining room.

+Mixed materials  – I have always loved a mix of textures, I have always loved a mix of textures and materials on my table, rather than a matching China set.

+Start from the centre – A centre feature piece is always a highlight, even for a small gathering, which is why I’ve been making vessels that work as feature pieces since 2005. You don’t need to go crazy with flowers either, this year I’ll be paring the greenery back to simple Australian native foliage.

+ Multi-task – Let your tabletop items multi-task. A small salt and pepper bowl can add a bit of colour to your table, and can hold anything from condiments to candles to a trail of spices as a feature.

In contrast to the earthy vessels, 20 new spoons hand-crafted in brass, scissors, nutcrackers and four new salad servers in brass and silver are available for  Summer entertaining.  These new tabletop pieces and Lightly’s full new collection of thirty-five spirited pieces for the home, are now available online for pre-order.


We love seeing our products featured in your home. This is our Assemblages leather shelf in white with raw plywood. 

Lightly Assemblages harks back to Australia in the early 1900s and the utilitarian resourcefulness found in the lifestyle. It draws on the saddlery aesthetic: the artisan skill, the mix of leather girths and belt buckles.

Hashtag #lightlyinmyhome to show us how you are styling our products within your home and to be featured on our Instagram page. 


Lightly presents a curated and light-hearted selection of pieces FOR HIM.

“Relationships are the core of the brand, and every piece we design is considered and timeless,” says Lightly director and designer Cindy-Lee Davies.

With a focus on our signature materials, Davies has expanded the range of handmade pieces with a sense of adventure and resourcefulness.

Our recommendations are affordable and effortless extending from curious office accessories, designs for the avid entertainer or whiskey glasses for the connoisseur in everyone.


In the spirit of gift giving, director and designer Cindy-Lee Davies has compiled her top recommendations for this festive season.

“The gifts you choose are a playful and personal expression of your relationships with loved ones,” says Lightly director and designer Cindy-Lee Davies.

First up is our curated guide FOR HER, a heartfelt and considered collection of warm and colourful pieces.

The new SS16 range from Lightly encompasses thirty-five new items across table top, lighting, dining and living

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