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Energy and rest are more interconnected than ever, now that our homes are our offices, gyms, classrooms, studios and everything in between.

With a little bit of intention in your use of space and your precious time, home can still be the sanctuary we have always intended it to be.

Create space for creativity and productivity in your home office by surrounding yourself with things that put you in the right frame of mind. Organisational trays and accessories free up space and are a helpful visual cue for your working or creating self.

Keep a plant on your desk for some life and colour, and start the day right with a morning ritual like burning oils or incense.

If space is tight, or routine feels non-existent, creating little rituals for yourself can help to separate areas and phases of the day. Have a break for a walk around the block or a quick online pilates class or even just a few minutes to stretch.

Above all else, be gentle with yourself no matter what you’re doing, have as many cups of tea as you need and be kind to others.

Music is vital, enjoy our third work from the home playlist.