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Stephanie Phillips is a ceramic artist from Sydney, Australia. She draws strong influence in her artistic direction from both of her grandmothers. Her paternal grandmother was a Russian immigrant who was a talented artist and craftswoman. In contrast, her maternal grandmother was involved in establishing The Crommelin Native Arboretum at Pearl Beach, NSW, where Stephanie has spent many weekends and holidays since childhood.
Using a combination of clays, glazes and oxides, she creates her colours and textures of curved vessels to house modern Ikebana.

 Stephanie studied glass arts at Sydney College of the Arts, mosaics at Randwick TAFE and fabric design and printing at East Sydney Tech before finding her true calling in ceramics.

Width 40cm X Height 38cm X Depth 10cm


Your designs and quality workmanship is beyond magnificent. You are such an inspiration, and I feel so privileged to have my home furnished by a unique and skilled Australian designer and manufacturer.