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Our Goblet Essence holder is an ancient symbol of modern times. This iconic silhouette began as a sketch in 2018, planted by mid-century architecture. What is now a Lightly classic was first a lasting visual memory for our founder.

A ritual as simple as lighting incense can be a powerful reminder of your ability to set your path, change course or take a necessary pause – even for just that moment.

Routines and rituals underpin our daily lives. The goblet form celebrates this intersection—bold, defined lines and soft curves, the structured and the spontaneous.

In its stripped-back cast aluminium, the Essence burner understates the modest joys found within our personal spaces.

Material: Cast Aluminium

Size: 80mm X 100mm H

Design Year – 2019

Care: Due to the handcrafted nature of this product, slight variations may occur in the surface or shape. This is because it is made and finished by hand. The pieces are handmade in limited edition batches of 15-20. The Raw finish is not lacquered and will oxidise and darken to reveal a distinctive patina. Use a quality metal polish and a soft cloth to restore brightness if preferred. Keep clean from water or dust.

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