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An object becomes embodied through use and adoration, transcending its ‘intended function’ to become something else entirely—a gateway between our interior and exterior lives. The Arc is a side table, plinth, and sideboard and originated as something else entirely. Created in 2018 for a Lightly photoshoot, the push and play of hands reframed a functional prop into an object of significance. 

In Renaissance painting, the arch symbolizes a threshold—a distinguished marker: the every day from the sacred, the outside from the inside. 

The Arc Table is a visible example: a functional object transformed by human interaction. Designed in Melbourne and handmade in small numbers, the Arc raw aluminium anchors the senses, becoming quietly significant in your day-to-day. Designed to bear witness to your most cherished, mundane, and precious moments. You can put a plant, light, or magazine on it. 

Function: as both a side table or sideboard.
Apply rubber or felt feet on the desired side you place on the ground.

Powder-coated aluminium can also be used outdoors. 

Material: Cast Aluminium
Size: 520 x 420mm

Care: Due to the handcrafted nature of this product, slight variations may occur in the surface or shape. This is because it is made and finished by hand. The pieces are handmade in limited edition batches of 15-20. The Raw finish is not lacquered and will oxidise and darken to reveal a distinctive patina. Use a quality metal polish and a soft cloth to restore brightness if preferred. Keep away from water or dust.

Design history: Originally, they were used as objects in 2018 for a photoshoot of a VM. Limited edition cast production 2023.


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