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The Akari Light Sculptures by Isamu Noguchi are a series of luminaires handcrafted from traditional washi paper by Japanese artisans.

The Akari Light Sculptures are marked with a stylised sun-and-moon logo, resembling the corresponding Japanese characters. This symbol guarantees the authenticity of each product.

Diameter: 400mm
Height: 580mm

In 1951, Isamu Noguchi began to design the Akari Light Sculptures, works characterised by weightless luminosity. He chose the name ‘akari’ for these objects, a word that means ‘light’ in Japanese, connoting both illumination and physical lightness. During a journey to Japan, Noguchi visited Gifu, a town known for manufacturing paper parasols and lanterns. While there, he sketched his first two Akari Light Sculptures, and over the following years, he created a total of more than 100 models, consisting of table, floor and ceiling lamps ranging in size from 24 to 290 cm.


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