What will you take with you into this year?

What will you take with you into this year?

Through the holidays of reflection and connection with loved ones and plenty of swims, we found the positive in what 2020 sent our way and will take only that into this new year.

A reinvigorated focus on wellbeing

Embrace community, more time with nature and some quality time for self, we’ve committed to ourselves that there’s no such thing as “too busy” for a pause to look after ourselves and loved ones!

Even more love for Mother Earth

We never appreciated pockets of nature more than we did last year. We’ll be continuing daily thanks to mother nature, and our partnership with the Plant-a-Tree program. Every order over $50 plants a tree!

You can also watch our planting guides here

Community love

Our little local corners became our whole world for a little while, and we’re committed to keeping that kinship alive this year. Keep an eye out this year for even more love for the community that keeps us going.

Please take a moment to yourself to reflect on what positivity you can bring into 2021 and share it with those around you.