We are 15 years old!

We’re turning 15 this month!

We are celebrating our birthday by reflecting on who Lightly is and the beautiful community who have made us who we are today.

Kinship – Lightly was born out of creative director Cindy-Lee’s relationship with her grandmother, Rosemary Lightly. She started the business in homage to her and her bridge-playing friends with four acrylic doily patterns formed into sculptural vessels.

We continue to be shaped by a community of like-minded souls, and a family of artisans who ensure quality and ethical production.

Resourcefulness – Using what’s available to create and to find a way through the best and the worst of times is the heart and the strength of Lightly.

Wellbeing – Wellness has always been a core element to the spirit of Lightly, enriching lives by creating products that enhance wellbeing and harmony.

Adventure – A sense of adventure keeps us exploring new horizons, literally and figuratively, from innovation in design and production to seeking out global inspiration. This adventurous spirit builds momentum and keeps the business moving.

Ritual – In 2005, we launched the brand telling the ‘tales of times gone by’ from our loved ones. Still today, the comforts of tradition and daily rituals ground us in gratitude and propels us forward into the future.

More than just our brand, this is how we live, design and what we’ve relied on to grow for all these years. Thank you for your support and being a part of our story!

Cindy-Lee, August 2020 x