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Rest and rejoice; you’ve earned it!

We’re signing off for the year to rest, reflect and rejoice in every moment of connection and togetherness.

We hope you are too. So, consider this a reminder that you’ve earned it.

It’s undeniable that the things that have soothed us, heartened us and kept us going have had a small weight attached to them because of their sheer necessity. Now it’s time to cast off that weight and bask in the unclouded, simple joy of kindness, laughter and connection.

Give yourself the gift of a simple ritual like lighting a candle or some incense and taking a moment to yourself before you gather with friends and loved ones. Taking the time and making space for joy is a simple pleasure you deserve more than ever.

Like many people around the world, we still can’t quite hug our own family. So sending a little extra love to anyone else who can’t right now.

Thank you endlessly for your unwavering support and kind words through change, loss, uncertainty and everything in between.

See you in 2022!

Please note our Carlton North Pop Up will close from the 23rd of December. This was a short office stay during the extended lockdown. We will continue to ship from our logistics warehouse. Closed public holidays only.