Relationships and resourcefulness have guided us since 2005, not only in developing original design, artisanal skill and boundless creativity but also in building a considered manufacturing process and an incredible family of artisans and craftspeople.

With a background of both furniture and lighting design, Cindy-Lee has designed over 300 products since Lightly’s inception. For the first 12 years of business, everything from furniture to homewares was produced right here in Australia.


As Lightly has evolved and moved forward with a sense of wonder and adventure, so has our interest in materials. Cindy-Lee returned to India, a place she had fallen in love with at the age of 19 whilst travelling, volunteering and studying permaculture. In 2014, she set up an ethical studio that supports local arts and craftspeople. We continue to work with these talented craftspeople today.

By choice, we only produce in editions of 50 to 100 pieces per run with a zero-waste and landfill ethos. We recycle all packaging materials and office waste, and we’re taking steps towards a zero-carbon footprint.

Creating things with care, intention, and gratitude is a choice we’ll always make as a business. Thanks to our customers, wholesalers, artisans and our whole support network for making that choice too.


Small batch production marble.


Small batch rug production India

Recycling saucers 2009 – Chrysalis project

Recycling Cork 2008 – Image Paul Barbera

Image Paul Barbera

Cindy-Lee in India at 19 years.

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