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Since we started our partnership with Carbon Neutral’s Plant-a-Tree Conservation Program in 2020, you’ve helped us plant 1,500 trees.

That’s 1,500 more trees to provide a safe haven for native animals, help capture CO₂ from the atmosphere and create green space to enjoy. These plantings of trees and shrubs also support local communities, engaging local businesses and creating employment opportunities.

The trees are planted in the Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor, a tract of degraded farmland restored to its original state by your contributions to the program.

We’ll continue our partnership, with every online purchase of $50 or more = one tree planted.

In the image above, our director Cindy-Lee (left), with her grandfather Harold Lightly and sister Jay, planting trees in York, WA.

1,000 more trees were planted yesterday!

Before and after!

Thank you for helping us give back to Mother Nature and making considered purchases that put us all on a path towards a better, more sustainable future!

This is our gift back to the earth.