Cindy-Lee with Teal Oliver Lightly Williamson

With Mother’s day only just around the corner, we follow Lightly director and designer, Cindy-Lee Davies throughout her sentimental journey into motherhood. A strong sense of kinship echoes throughout her recent collection, Grace. Each piece holds a maternal essence and we find out why…

Can you tell us a bit about your experience with pregnancy?

I really enjoyed being pregnant. Of course there were natural moments of feeling overwhelmed with so many changes, but throughout the journey I tried to stay as grounded and approach motherhood with ease, grace and harmony.

What do you love about Motherhood?

Experiencing the joy and innocent purity a little baby brings into the world. It’s a wonderful process watching a baby grow, learn and engage with the world.

It is also a great time to revisit and assess our own values, whether it is what he is to eat, wear or play with. We want to set the best example for Teal as teachers and create a home for the family that aligns with our passion for design, harmony and wellbeing.

Teal with our new cushions

What are the challenges you face being a director and mother, and the most important thing you have learnt so far?

I have always loved being very hands on with the business when designing and creating and I have never been afraid of getting my hands dirty. As a working mother I have learnt the most important thing is being resourceful with your time. Running your own business with a new baby can be a challenging, so surrounding yourself with a supportive work team is crucial. I am very lucky to have this allowing me the flexibility I need to manage and direct from home most days. Pregnancy and motherhood isn’t a solo show, it is the community of people you surround yourself with that nurtures you and your baby, whether it is your pilates teacher or homeopaths support.

I love working as a team with my husband, Willie. We share every day of parenting and are truly grateful daily for Teal and the ability to have a business that allows this lifestyle.

The collection Grace, was influenced by your maternal experience, can you tell us a little bit more about this?

It was a new and beautiful experience for me designing whilst being pregnant. It is a fascinating process as you are continually learning a lot about yourself whilst growing a human inside of you. Daily meditation and embracing the natural process was really important for me. This resonates in the harmony of colours chosen, form and grounded functionality of the collection. I must say now he is on the move, designing it a little different!

What is the future for Lightly?

As Teal continues to grow, our business model will evolve accordingly. At the moment, we are are reshaping and changing the way we work to encourage a positive work life balance for everyone. Teal is our priority and I haven’t wanted to miss a day with him. Lightly is the older sibling!

Since the brands beginnings in 2005 we launched a humble collection after my grandmother Rosemary Lightly so we continue a sustainable business model that brings ethical and artisanal made products to life. We are embrace relationships and values more than ever now and will continue to enrich the lives of others through our style and considered production.

Written by Madeleine Murdoch – Lightly