Entertaining with Lightly

Just in time for spring and summer, the latest collection from Lightly includes a beautiful range of tabletop pieces perfect for entertaining as the weather warms up and the festive season arrives.

The new tabletop range continues the brand’s well-known exploration of minerals and metallics with timeless tableware pieces like servers, spoons and bowls in brass and silver and vessels in terracotta ceramic.

Office Manager at Lightly


Established Melbourne Lighting and Design Studio seeks a full time office wiz to join our spirited team. We are looking for an organised and resourceful person to help lead our design business of considered design.

Focusing on sales management of our wholesale and design industry clients along with daily office management. http://www.lightly.com.au/ This position is at the design studio- Level 1, 3 Glasshouse rd Collingwood. ( not retail)  

Manage wholesale accounts and build relationships with stores and galleries we sell to.
Manage trade quotes of Architects and Interior designers. (lighting and specification market)
Direct reporting to Management weekly.
Lighting / product / Interior knowledge.
Liaise with studio despatch and production.
Strategic planning of monthly budgets.
Myob Account Edge administration (or equivalent inventory system.)
Wonderful people person. 

Mac user and efficient computer us only need apply.

Minimum of 2 years in a similar role.

Email only cindy-lee@lightly.com.au 


Spending time in India each year is part of director and designer Cindy-Lee Davies’ design process, and the country has been an endless source of inspiration since she lived there as a teen.

The relationship between the natural and built landscapes of desert environments like the Thar Desert in India and Palm Springs, California has manifested itself in Lightly products in many ways over the years. 

The 2015 Desert Days collection tells a story of the desert sunsets, contrasting hues and stone forts seen by Davies throughout the desert region.

The stone forts that graced the background in the Desert Days collection are front and centre this season. They come to life in innovative textural and material contrasts like raw terracotta vessels with a glazed interior and organic shapes crafted from stone, volcanic sand and porcelain.

The recent “Cinnamon” collection draws inspiration from the rich earthy tones of desert homes, from rich terracotta and pink clay to dusty bark textures like those seen at Georgia O’Keefe’s Abiquiu house.


Stone forts, India. Image Cindy-Lee Davies

Georgia O’Keefe’s Abiquiu House, New Mexico. Image Brittany Ambridge

Santa Fe Museum of Art, New Mexico. Image Oour Media.

Amangiri Resort, Utah. Image Giorgio Possenti



Lightly started from a bond between grandmother and child, and relationships have remained at the core of the brand since we started in 2005. As we have evolved, the relationships with our makers, new materials and the travel designer and director Cindy-Lee Davies does to make Lightly designs a reality have become central to the business and a reflection of what is important to us.

Striving to invent authentic, visually tactile work with a considered manufacturing process, we support artisanal producers internationally and undertake ethical limited-edition production by choice.

Over the years, we have seen many makers built workshops in their towns or villages and be able to provide their children with a quality education from our small production. For Cindy-Lee Davies ‘this small difference of opportunity is part-and-parcel with making a high-quality product.’

The latest collection exemplifies Lightly’s global proposition and wide-eyed view of design—from our inspiration to these unique relationships with artisanal producers who have handcrafted items from weaving copper or woollen rugs, casting brass, hand beating copper, inlaying marble, forming ceramics, spinning metal, and more.


The latest pieces from Lightly’s new Cinnamon collection are now available online for pre-order.

The new living range includes three tables, available as a set or individually, and four cushions.

Nowhere is director Cindy-Lee Davies’ colour exploration through Cinnamon more apparent than in this new living range.

The pieces are easy, tactile and textural to complement the full collection’s colour palette. The affordable and simple range extends to a tabletop range of ceramics, bowls and trays.

Inspiration // Palm Springs

The functional mid-century modern shapes and colours that have become synonymous with Palm Springs, California run parallel with Lightly’s view of timeless design and utilitarian beauty.

The new Palm Springs planters from Lightly’s Cinnamon collection look to the colour and form of Palm Springs’ architecture and natural landscape. 

Crafted from powder-coated spun metal, the new Palm Springs planters are now available online and in-store.

Read on and follow @lightlydesign on Instagram and Pinterest to see some of our favourite Palm Springs colours, shapes and textures this week.

The Elrod House by John Lautner, 1968. Palm Springs USA. An example of Lautner’s “Free Architecture” designs, where architecture and nature are combined.

Millard House/La Miniatura by Frank Lloyd Wright, 1923. Pasadena, USA. The first of his four “textile block” houses, Frank Lloyd Wright sought to bring beauty to the simple, utilitarian concrete block.

Kaufmann House by Richard Neutra, 1947. Palm Springs, USA. Simply designed, each wing of the house has a specific function and the architecture is balanced by outdoor features–bringing the natural and built environment together.

Cinnamon by Lightly // Evoke the Senses

A new collection from Lightly is now online, and will be in store this week.

Calling on Cindy-Lee Davies’ personal travels and the brand’s well-established sense of adventure, the new season is an exploration of colour and form.

The centrepiece of the new season, the “Cinnamon” collection, brings to life the colours of desert architecture and the warm scents of traditional spices.

First to arrive online are the sculptural “Cinnamon” tabletop items and planters in earthy tonal hues, made from powder-coated spun metal.

Thirty-five new items across tabletop, lighting, dining and living will be arriving over the coming months online and at select retailers Australia-wide.



Embrace the change in seasons with our warm Autumn story. We are offering you 15% off selected pieces for one week only. 

Lightly have worked with boutique makers we admire and support to create a unique collection of hand made, timeless vessels. Copper, soap stone and marble planters will contrast beautifully with your greenery and transform any house into a home.

As the months get cooler it’s time to bring a little sun inside with our copper tones and terracotta hues.

Shop the Autumn story in store and online until 13th April.

Copper Vessel Tumbler
Marble Planter
Soap Stone Planter
Copper Vessel Planter
Copper Round Tin
Copper Rectangle Tray
Eileen Peach Table Lamp
Copper Book Ends 


New in store are the Lightly Tribe and Desert Shapes flat weave rugs.

These hand woven artful pieces are the result of designer Cindy-Lee Davies spirited adventure to the Thar Desert, India in early 2015.

At the age of 19 Davies spent a year in India and wanted to return to visit this magical place where she was so inspired. Observing the pastel colours and simple shapes of the architecture, a limited edition collection was born.

The soft rose, grey and cream palette evokes the desert sunset and adds a touch of sincerity to any interior space. Shop the collection

Lightly Tribe
Desert Shapes 

Images also featuring Little Sandy Light Eileen Floor Lamp / Smith Pendant Eileen Floor Lamp


The new Desert Days collection of flat weave wool rugs by Lightly is inspired by designer Cindy-Lee Davies recent travels to the Thar Desert, India.

The Fort designs reference the stone forts contrast against the blue architecture seen by Davies throughout the desert landscape of Rajasthan.

Each rug is made by artisans in villages that Lightly now supports. Production took six months using custom hand dyed colours, reflecting the craftsmanship involved in each hand woven piece.

Made from 100% New Zealand Wool, hand woven with a limited edition run of 20 pieces per design. Now in stock

Fort 2

Fort 3

Campaign images also featuring Soap Stone Planter / Godfrey Black Light / Eileen Floor Lamp Blue/Grey / Ambit Rose Pendant / Bon Bon Vase


For our Stone Story, Lightly designer Cindy-Lee Davies has extended her exploration of natural minerals. Soapstone has been used for a collection of hand carved bathroom and lighting designs. Each item reflects the uniquenesss of the hand picked stone.

Soapstone has been used for thousand of years as a medium for carvings. A metamorphic rock rich in magnesium, it is composed largely of the mineral talc. A neutral grey finish and lustre makes it complementary for any interior.


Our stand-out Gibson pendant light has been crafted from this distinctive material. The strong silhouette references the shape of stone forts in the Australian desert, contrast against the pastel light of the setting sun. 


Gibson Light

Soap Stone Planter

Soap Stone Tray

Soap Stone Dish

Soap Stone Candle Holder

New rugs by Lightly – DESERT DAYS

In early 2015 Cindy-Lee travelled to the Thar Desert, India.
At the age of 19 Davies spent a year in India and wanted to return to visit this magical place where she was so inspired. The DESERT DAYS collection tells a story of desert sunsets, contrasting hues and stone forts seen throughout the region.
Inspired by the pastel colours and simple shapes, a limited edition collection was born.
Production has taken 6 months as each rug is hand woven in villages that Lightly now supports. 100% New Zealand wool or cotton.

Desert Shapes
Fort 2
Fort 3


Exclusive release of our Marble and Brass inlay INFINITUDE COLLECTION. Referencing the simplicity of the ‘circle’, each piece in carefully handcrafted, polished and layed with brass. With over 12 months of design and development, these beautiful items capture Lightly’s originality in working with metal and stone over the past few years.

Limited edition 10 year collection. Infinitude

Capture Lachlan Moore / Stylist Andrea Moore / Designer and Direction Cindy-Lee Davies
Images Copyright Lightly July 2015 / Product Copyright March 2015


We are very excited to launch our SS 15 Campaign online today, some of you may have had a sneep peak in August at Life Instyle.

This year Cindy-Lee designs with Infinitude in mind, capturing what it is to be a ‘maker’ after 10 years, honouring timeless simple ideas and the celebrating the beauty of a limited palette.

After the successful launch of Lightly’s Minerals and Metallics in 2014, Davies love for these mediums continues with 60 new items in Table top, Living and Lighting. In addition to using the finest minerals of black volcanic sand, brass, copper and porcelain we introduce new textures of soapstone, marble and new metals. 

‘The utilitarian resourcefulness I have referenced in the past few collections is my natural calling, simple yet strong natural forms. Nothing gives me greater pleasure than supporting small markers of the world, limited edition production and getting ideas realised. Most importantly this collection is about the materials I have chosen to use, a solid foundation for our tenth year.’

Stay tuned for more amazing campaign shots to come in the next few weeks.

Capture Lachlan Moore / Stylist Andrea Moore / Designer and Direction Cindy-Lee Davies
Images Copyright Lightly 2015

Gibson Light

New ‘Desert Days’ 2015 explores pastel hues of the sun setting in the desert in contrast with stone forts found in these pastel landscapes. Referencing our own Australian deserts is the new ‘Gibson’ and ‘Little Sandy’ lights. Davies has designed two pendants made from marble and soapstone, highlighting our beautiful yet arid landscape. Gibson is ideal for a bathroom, nook or kitchen island bench. #minerals

Care for your Marble and Stoneware

Marble is a beautiful, timeless stone that we have enjoyed working with over the past few years. It represents beauty and luxury, but it also know for it’s delicate and vulnerable nature. Therefore it’s key to know the do’s and don’ts so your marble pieces stand the test of time. 

Marble is a natural, soft stone that is very porous. You want to avoid placing any oily, acidic, high pigment foods or liquids on a marble surface as they may cause stains or dulling. Some examples include citrus fruits, red wine, vinegar, cumin and turmeric.  Like many surfaces, if you have an accidental spill, the quicker you act, the better chance you will avoid staining. Blotting is key to avoid spreading the stain or rubbing it deeper into the marbles pores. There are many specific techniques out there to help you remove all kinds of stains. 

For everyday cleaning we recommended using a soft cloth or sponge, warm water, nonabrasive, neutral cleaner and paper towel. Use a damp sponge to wipe down with a neutral cleaner and dry with paper towel to marble absorbing the water and marking the surface.

Now that you have the information you need, you can use your marble products with confidence. Marble boards are perfect for serving cheese and crackers or using as a chopping board. Don’t fear the small stains and marks as they can be hard to avoid and are part of the character of the marble products. It’s the small imperfections that make these products beautiful and unique. XO

Keep an eye our for our New Stoneware products Launching in July!


Our most exciting styling collaboration this year has just come out in Fete Magazine. Cindy-Lee has art directed the shot,  by Fete Magazine; ‘Christmas with Lightly’. The story includes what Christmas is to us, drinks, food and even a playlist. ‘The shots capure exactly what I visualized designing this collection 10 months ago’ What a thrill. LOVE!!

Images copyright Fete magazine – Products included for your festive table, click here! 


Introducing – ‘Metallics’ handmade Brass and Copper collection.

Lightly have extended their explorations into new shapes and forms from metal this season. Brass or ‘honey for the home’ is warmly welcomed in stationary, tabletop, lighting,  tins, vases and feature jugs. Small makers we admire and support handcraft each item for Lightly.

Davies has a love for alloys, being the first material she worked with at the early age of 14 when her brother taught her to weld.

Free shipping over $150 local // $350 international