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We’ll see you online!

As lockdown ends, we’re grateful to all of our customers who have kept us going through this unusual time and proud of our fellow Victorians who have made it through!

We’re also excited to announce a few changes that we’re making.

As of the end of November, we’ll be moving on from our Collingwood showroom. Our online store will remain, with orders shipping daily globally from our brand new Melbourne warehouse.

This year has taught us a lot about resilience and resourcefulness. We have adapted to challenges and looked at new ways to efficiently run the company moving forward. Through this expansion, we have been able to move to a warehouse that will facilitate our growth and create a smoother, more efficient shipping experience for everyone.

Whilst we have loved having our warehouse and studios combined for 15 years down little lanes of the inner city, it is time to separate the two. ( We also can’t fit a forklift down the cobblestone lane anymore! )

I am incredibly proud of the last 15 years and thankful for the beautiful community that has held us up and supported our vision, and so excited for what’s next.

Creating things with care, intention, and gratitude is a choice we’ll always make as a business. Thanks to our customers, wholesalers, artisans and our whole support community for making that choice too.

Much love Cindy-Lee and my family.