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At Home – Together

“Our senses connect us to the world and other people. As we wade through stressful times, it’s vital to slow down and create environments that enrich and nurture.”

This long weekend, create a caring environment for all five senses as you and your loved ones come together in new ways and create new traditions.

See & feel
Beauty is just another way to express gratitude to those around you. Work with your hands and connect with the Earth by preparing the table with plants that you may find in your garden.

Taste & smell
Fill the room with the flavours and aroma of home cooking, taking the time to prepare something that brings you comfort and fond memories.

Being together is not just being in the same room. Being together is the bonds that we’ve created through years of conversation, laughter and support. Connect. However, you can with the ones you love, and find the words to celebrate with each other. You can also do family dancing!

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Have a Happy Easter xo