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Assemblages is the latest design collection designed by Cindy-Lee Davies of Lightly, an elegant range of leather props, designed with the end user in mind.

Davies’ work is known for its nostalgic references and homage to traditional crafts, and Assemblages is no different – it is inspired by her grandfather who was in the Australian Light Horse Regiment, which served the country on horseback. The range harks back to Australia in the early 1900s and the utilitarian resourcefulness found in the lifestyle. It draws on the saddlery aesthetic: the artisan skill, the mix of leather girths and copper belt buckles, and the unmistakable smell of raw leather.

Assemblages has been through a lengthy development process, starting out as a series of strap-based furniture made from recycled car seatbelts, designed when Davies graduated in 2000. The designs have developed over the years, and have finally evolved into a beautiful leather range for interiors. The three styles within the Assemblages are interactive pieces that allow the user to author their own lifestyle, combining various found objects and collections to function as three-dimensional pieces of furniture for the home.