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A wholehearted garden party at Moonya Estate, by our friends at Merchant Road.

‘Genuine and considerate hosts who believe that true hospitality is about welcoming others and forging a sense of community at our table.’
Their hospitality training program is run for women from refugee backgrounds, who face barriers accessing the mainstream labour market in Australia. All images were beautifully captured by Marie Luise

Their programs provide eights weeks of training to these women, with a series of long-table dinners in conclusion of each course.

We have proudly supported this initiative with the ongoing use of our Palm Spring Vases for training with florist Cecelia Fox. Other sponsors include In Bed store, Chalmers Wine and Moonya Estate.

Says our director Cindy-Lee ” It is a wonderful opportunity for us to align with Merchant Road and provide support to empower these women in our community. My first job was in hospitality, and it is a meaningful stepping stone in communicating with people.”